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Born and raised in the lowlands of rural Missouri, Neil Howell first fell in love with music at the age of 12, shortly before he received his first guitar.  Determined to become a guitar hero like the musical idols he listened to, he devoted hours of his time to practice.  He played with local friends when he could during high school, and briefly in college, but nothing ever seemed to work out.


Life went on: marriage, jobs, children.  He tried his hand at writing, having spent the majority of his time in higher education pursuing a literature degree.  But music never left him, and he always dreamed of being able to record the albums that were at his fingertips and in his mind.


Finally, he took the plunge in 2020.  After installing a modest studio in his home, the music that had been in his head for decades was able to come to fruition.  Within six months he had released three albums:  After the Epiphany, Space, and Poser.

In 2021, he shows no signs of slowing down.  First was is the album Prairie.  Like much of his music, it is an eclectic blend of rock, metal, folk, and any other genre Neil feels the need to express.

His latest creation is Compulsion.  Not afraid to show the heavier side of his musical interests, the album is Neil's ode to the metal community.    

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